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Schutz vor Spam, Viren und Malware, sowie sichere Archivierung deiner E-Mails

E-Mail-Archiv Plus

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Umfassender Schutz vor Spam, Viren und Mailware, sowie Archivierung für große E-Mail Postfächer.

Vollständige und rechtssichere Archivierung von E-Mails - inkl. Anhänge

Manipulationssicher durch beschränkten und kontrollierten Archivzugriff

Einfache E-Mail-Wiederherstellung durch individuelles Rechtemanagement

Große Speicherkapazität für beliebig viele E-Mail-Postfächer

Maximale Sicherheit durch die zentrale Speicherung originalgetreuer E-Mails

Revisionssichere und GoBD-konforme Speicherung

How it Works?

Recover lost or accidentally deleted emails

Email Archiving preserves and protects all inbound and outbound email messages for later access. It is a great way to recover lost or accidentally deleted emails, accelerate audit response, secure intellectual property emails and attachments, as well as for “eDiscovery” purposes in case of litigation.

E-Mail-Archivierung - GoBD-konform - Recover lost or accidentally deleted emails
Why do I Need Email Archiving?

Explore some of the key Email Archiving features

Back up and Access Company Data

Email is your company’s most common means of communication, and it needs to be stored safely in an easily retrievable fashion.

Drive Legal Compliance

Help improve your company’s compliance and avoid potential legal issues related to data protection or severe fines.

Simplify Management

Individual or mass email redelivery of encrypted and compressed emails are only two of the many features available to achieve full control over your organization's email.

E-Mail - FAQ

Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen zum Thema E-Mail.

How does it work?

Email undergoes a safeguarding process through SpamExperts' intelligent self-learning servers. These servers, equipped with advanced algorithms and years of refined analysis, preemptively identify and thwart spam before it can reach your inbox. By continuously adapting to emerging threats, SpamExperts acts as an ever-evolving shield, ensuring your email communication remains secure and uninterrupted.

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